What is a 1031 Exchange

The tax deferred exchange offers investors one of the last great opportunities to build wealth and save taxes. Find out how it can benefit you.

Benefits of Exchanging vs. Selling

Why deferring your taxes now could lead to more money for your next investment property.

Exchange Requirements

What types of properties qualify for a tax deferred exchange, timeline requirements and just what do they mean by “like-kind”?

Types of Exchanges

Basic information on Simultaneous, Delayed, Build-to-Suit and Reverse Exchanges.

Selecting a Qualified Intermediary

Why selecting the right Qualified Intermediary will lead to a stress-free exchange and eliminate future tax repercussions.

Why You Should Use an Exchange Attorney

Not consulting with an Exchange Attorney is the most common mistake that people make when entering entering a 1031 Exchange. Find out why using an Exchange Attorney will help you to avoid paying penalties and interest later on.